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ISSUES: 176 to 214

S&T #176

 Armies & Politics:

 Mesopotamian Campaign Colin Denis

 Simulation: Blood on the Tigris Perry Moore

 Blood on the Tigris, 1914-18 Perry Moore

 FYI Editors

 Profile: Dennis Hart Mahan Gary Land

 Storm Of Steel: Strategy in WWI Joseph Miranda

 War on the Northern Plains David Nicholas

S&T #177

 FYI Editors

 Into the 21st Century Timothy Kutta

 The Custer Campaign David Nicholas

 Simulation: Hundred Years War Joseph Miranda

 The Hundred Years War Joseph Miranda

 Valmy-The Battle that

 Saved the Revolution George Nafziger

S&T #178

 The German General Staff & The

 High Tide Of Official Wargaming Jim Bloom


 Simulation: Guadalcanal: Island of Death Robert Barrow

 Guadalcanal: Island of Death T. Kutta & Robert Barrow

 Japanese Grand Strategy 1850-1942 Thomas Kane

 The Boer War of 1899-1902 Donald Mack

S&T #179

 Apocalypse Next: The Struggle for Peru Brian Train


 Simulation: The First Afghan War Joseph Miranda

 March To Kabul: The First Afghan War Joseph Miranda

 The Battles of Nadir Shah Bryan Booker

S&T #180


 Peter The Great's Not

 So Great Campaign Timothy Kutta

 Simulation: Reinforce the Right! Joseph Miranda

 Reinforce the Right! Western Front 1914 Joseph Miranda

 The Air Campaign In Iraq, 1941 Timothy Kutta

 The Air War in the

 Persian Gulf War, 1990-91 Kevin Cronin

 The Schlieffen Plan, August 1914 Major Bill Reese

S&T #181

 Battle of the Three Emperors: Austerlitz Wilbur Gray


 The Battle of Austerlitz: You Are There Jessica Maertin

 Simulation: The Fall of Rome (revised) Joseph Miranda

 The Fall of Rome  Joseph Miranda

 The Militia & the Rise

 of American Military David Segal

S&T #182

 Beyond Wargaming P. Corbeil, C. Plummer

  & J. Schindler

 FREIKORPS: Germany in Revolution David Nicholas


 Lost in the Waste: Gordon,

 the Mahdi & Khartoum Donald Mack

 Simulation: The Balkans Campaign Joseph Miranda

 The Balkans Campaign of 1941 Joseph Miranda

S&T #183

 Simulation: Byzantium Joseph Miranda

 Byzantium: Empire & Disaster Joseph Miranda


 Kitchener, the Khalifa &

 the Sudan Campaign Donald Mack

 The French Admiral Who Won-Suffren DaveArneson

 War By Maneuver: The Tulahoma

 Campaign, June 1863 John Burtt

S&T #184

 From the Barrel of a Gun-

 Chinese Liberation Army Brian Train


 KG 200: The Luftwaffe's Special Force Timothy Kutta

 The German Campaign-

 Soviet Union,1941 Joseph Miranda

 Strategy & Tactics Retrospective David Isby & Al Nofi

 The People's Liberation Army Air Force Dave D'Alessio

 Simulation: Twilight's Last Gleaming Charles Diamond

 The War Of 1812: Operations & Battles Timothy Kutta

S&T #185

 Air Wargaming in a Low Intensity

 Conflict Environment Raymond Bell Jr.

 American Armor -Against Iraq Gregory Smith

 Disease & Military Operations David Tschanz

 Eban Emael & the Opening

 Campaign, 1940 D.G. Hancher


 Simulation: The First Arab-Israeli War Joseph Miranda

 The First Arab-Israeli War, 1947-49 Joseph Miranda

 The Maginot Myth J.E. Kaufman

S&T #186

 Evolution of British Infantry

 Battalion During World Wars Michael Cunningham

 1848: Europe in Revolution Brian Train


 Simulation: Mons & the Marne Joseph Miranda

 The Battles of Mons & the Marne, 1914 Joseph Miranda

 The Japanese Plan to

 Conquer Hawaii in WW2 J. Berger & P. Moore

S&T #187

 "Mad" Anthony Wayne & the U.S. Army John Burtt

 Command & Control

 in the Schlieffen Era Jim Bloom

 Cowpens: Genius or at Least Progress C. Conrad Claus


 Simulation: Risorgimento Mike Bennighof

 Radetzky's March-War In Italy, 1848 Mike Bennighof

 The Commune of 1871, Paris Brian Train

S&T #188

 Anvil-Dragoon: The Second D-Day Arnold Blumberg


 Simulation: AGS: Kiev & Rostov

 Kiev & Rostov: Battles of Army

 Group South Joseph Miranda

 Peng-nan: China's Civil Wars, 1927-49 Brian Train

 The Development of German

 Defensive Doctrine, 1918-42 Michael Holmes

S&T #189

 Boldness is Required: Norway 1940 John Burtt

 Simulation: Charlemagne Joseph Miranda

 Charlemagne & the Unification of

 Dark Ages Europe Joseph Miranda


 The Battle of La Souffel LTC Bill Gray

 The Battle of Wavre George Nafziger

 The More Modern War: Grant, Sherman,

 Sheridan & the End of the Civil War David Nicholas

 The Organization of the German

 Army in the Era of National Mobilization Jim Bloom

S&T #190

 Arms, Armor & the Roman Economy Richard VanNort


 Profile: Fredrick The Great Anthony Howarth

 Simulation: The Gauntlet Joseph Miranda

 The Gauntlet: the Battle Chongchon,

 Nov.-Dec.,1950 Joseph Miranda

 The Last Campaign of WWII:

 Manchuria 1945 Richard VanNort

 The Origins of the Cold War Tank Race Tim Kutta

 Triumph at Fontenoy LTC Wilbur Gray

S&T #191

 First Indochina War, 1946-54 B. Train

 Sea Devils: American Civil War

 on the High Seas T. Garland

 Cardinal Mazarin as Grand Strategist D. Croxton

 Simulation: Sea Devils T. Garland

 March to Peking: Anglo-French

 Invasion of China, 1860 J. Miranda

S&T #192

 Great War in the East, 1914-18 R. Spence

 The Dutch Revolt D. Croxton

 Return to the Philippines/Leyte Gulf J. Burtt

 Simulation: Great War in the East, 1914-18

 Serbia/Galicia and Brusilov's Off. D. Isby

 Mexican Revolution-First Planes P. Eklund

 FYI Editors

S&T #193

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: The Crimean War J. Miranda

 The Crimean War J. Miranda

 Charge of the Light Brigade T. Kutta

 Revolt in the Congo, 1964-65 T. Kutta

 Battle of the Nile, Egypt 1798 C. Cowan

 Profile: Napoleon Bonaparte A. Howarth

S&T #194

 The Forgotten Axis: Oper. Platinfuchs M. Bennighof

 Zeppleins, Gothas & Giants in WWI T. Scheben

 So. African National Defence Force B. Train

 The Pentomic Division B. Train

 Stonewall in the Valley T. Kutta

 Peninsula Campaign of 1862 T. Kutta

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Sea Devils Revised T. Garland

 Simulation: The Forgotten

 Axis: Murmansk M. Bennighof

S&T #195

 Friedland to Borodino, 1807-12 W. Gray

 Korea 1950-51 J. Miranda

 Commonwealth Div. in Korea B. Train

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Borodino & Friedland W. Dippel & J. Werth

S&T #196

 Vietnam in 1968: Hue & Khe Sanh J. Miranda

 Battle of Kham Duc 1968 J. Burtt

 The Luftwaffe C. Schuster

 Hannibal: A Stark Appraisal J. Yates

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Vietnam Battles-Hue & Khe Sanh J. Miranda

S&T #197

 Great Medieval Battles R. Vickers

 Future Conflict in Asia J. Miranda

 Korsun Pocket OB 1944 J. Radey

 Indo-Pakistani Nuclear Arms Race M. Weiser

 Colombia's Quiet War G. Valenza

 Mexican Revolution-Yankee Kingmakers P. Eklund

 Simulation: Great Medieval Battles

 Tamburlaine & Bannockburn D. Werden, A Buccini

S&T #198

 WWI & Revolution in Warfare J. Miranda

 Air War No. Africa, 1940-43 M. Cunnigham

 Intervention at Archangel, 1918 P. Moore

 Swedish Volunteers, 1939-40 A. Frankson

 Simulation: Over the Top-Lemberg & Verdun J. Miranda

S&T #199

 Jatkosota: Finland's War with Soviets B. Train

 Naval Aviation in WWI C. Schuster

 Moscow 1941 J. Miranda

 Double Signal, June 1893 D. Mack

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Forgotten Axis:

 Finnish Campaign M. Bennighof

S&T #200

 The Fench Foreign Legion  T. Kutta

 Rolling Thunder-Vietnam C. Kamps

 War & Military in 21st Century J. Miranda

 Arcane Wisdom J. Dunnigan

 Short History of Wargaming W. Gray

 Simulation: Camp. of French Foreign Legion J. Miranda

S&T 201

Crimean War Battles: Battles of the Alma and Tchernaya (SPI classic reprints).

Articles include Crimean War Battles (D.J. Pollin and Steve Ross),

Napoleon's 1813 Campaign in Germany (Coley Cowan)

Ukranian Anarchist Insurgency (Brian Train), and Mauryan Empire (James Yates).

S&T 202

Taipei: Analysis and simulation of mainland Chinese versus Taiwan

including land, air and cyberwar. Articles on the Korsun Pocket (Jack Radey)

the British versus Arabi Pasha in 1882 (Donald Mack)

Montrose, master tactician of the English Civil War (William McPeak).

S&T 203

Xenophon: Persian Civil War in the classical world

Xenophon leading Greek mercenaries.

Articles on Persian Empire and Indo-Bactrian Greeks (James Yates)

Conflict in the Horn of Africa (Gary Valenza)

A new analysis of Custer's Last Stand (Alan Zimm).


Twilight of the Habsburgs

Caporetto, Piave and Vittorio Veneto campaigns, 1917-18 (Mike Bennighof)

The Iran-Iraq War (Gary Romano), Maximilian's Empire of Mexico, (Sherilyn Stanfield),

Wargaming the development of US aircraft carriers (Greg Wilmoth).

S&T 205

Boer War: Second Boer War, 1899-1902 (Joe Miranda)

Battle of Crecy 1346, Opening of the 100 Years War (Gary Romano)

1941-42 Philippines Campaign (Greg Whitman)

Force XXI, the US Army plan for the future (Ed Mott).

Issue game is operational-strategic level; map covers south Afria, Rhodesia, and adjoining territories; units are brigade-division level with Boer commandoes; two CRTs, one for Raids and another for Assaults; leaders, armored trains, random events, Cecil Rhodes special diamond mine defense, etc.

S&T 206

 Forgotten Axis: Romania: Romania on the Russian Front (Mike Bennighof)

Napoleon's 1814 campaign in France (Coley Cowan)

The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-5 (Brad Martin)

Conflict in modern South Asia (Joseph Miranda).

S&T 207:

War of 1812: Struggle for North America, 1812-15 (Joe Miranda design).

Articles: Rise of the American Army (Joe Miranda)

Battle of the Philippine Sea (James C. Gordon)

The Strange Career of Charles X (Anders Frankson)

The Secret Plans behind 1914 (Al Nofi).

S&T 208

Back to Iraq 3rd Edition: US-Coalition versus Iran and Iraq (Ty Bomba/Joe Miranda design).

Articles: Next War in the Middle East (Ty Bomba)

Afghan Update (Gary Romano); Afghan Wars (Andrew Preziosi)

Pearl Harbor (Gary Romano)

The Soviet War in Afghanistan (Joe Miranda--yes this last article is a revision of the one that appeared in the S&T Holy War Afghanistan issue).

S&T 209

 Indochina: French Empire versus Communists (Joe Miranda design).

Articles: Vo Nugyen Giap (Dr Gary Valenza)

Indochina armies (Joseph Miranda)

World War One strategic bombing (Carl Schuster)

Greene's southern campaign (John Burtt).

S&T 210

Belisarius: Byzantines versus everyone, 6th century AD (Joe Miranda design)

Articles: Justinian's Empire (Gary Romano)

US warplans for Vietnam (Bruce Costello)

Wars of Religion (Ben Hull); Desert warfare WW2 (Michael Cunningham).

S&T 211

Operation Elope: Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War.

Articles: Russian Civil War (Dr. Gary Valenza)

Red Army, 1917-41 (Joseph Miranda)

Boyne Campaign (Lt. Col. Alistair Pope)

Military History of Brazil (Paulo Vencente).

S&T 212

Rough & Ready: Opening Battles of the US-Mexican War (Richard Berg).

Articles: Zach Taylor (Richard Berg)

Bonnie Prince Charlie (Alistair Pope)

Samurai Warfare (Lew Ritter)

Technology and Strategy Games (Greg Wilmoth)

Ibn Battuta (David Tchanz).

S&T 213 Spanish Civil War Battles: Jarama and Brunete (Perry Moore).

Articles: Spanish Civil War Blitzkrieg? (Perry Moore)

Third Army in France (John Burtt)

Patton (Kevin Carson); Last British Cavalry Charge (John Barrat).

S&T 214 Ancient Battles: Marathon and Granicus.

Articles: Ancient Greek Warfare (Tim Kutta)

Tupac Amaru (Javier Romero)

Air War East Front (Joseph Miranda); Straghan Diary (Donald Mack).



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