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ISSUES: 137 to 175

Contents Listing for all S&T Issues to Date: Articles, Published Games, Authors and Designers.

S&T #137

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Men-At-Arms Dave Arneson

 Simulation: Men-At-Arms A. Nofi & J. F. Dunnigan

 The Siege Of Odessa Carl O. Schuster

S&T #138

 Byzantium Stephen B. Patrick

 Eylau: Winter War, 1806-1807 Raymond E. Bell

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Simulation: Napoleon At Eylau Ken Broadhurst

S&T #139

 Arabian Nightmare: Persian Gulf Crisis Austin Bay, et. al.

 Simulation: Arabian Nightmare Austin Bay

 The Kuwait War OB Austin Bay

S&T #140

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Simulation: Objective: Tunis Vance Von Borries

 The Battle For Tunisia Vance Von Borries

 The Battle of Lissa Carl O. Schuster

 Under Foreign Flags R. Jupa & J. Dingeman

S&T #141

 Applied Wargaming Matt Caffrey

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Hannibal's War John Sutcliffe

 Hit the Line John Burtt

 If Looks Could Kill

 Simulation: Hannibal John Sutcliffe

S&T #142

 Carl Von Clausewitz Joseph Miranda

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 If Looks Could Kill

 Simulation: Red Beach One Mike Joslyn

 Tarawa Mike Josyln

S&T #143

 Ardant du Picq Steven Fratt

 Light Infantry R. E. Bell

 Montecuccoli Dani Shanske

 Rio Grande Dave Arneson

 Simulation: Rio Grande Richard Berg

S&T #144

 Chad: The Toyota Wars Richard Davis

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Red Army Operational Art James J. Schneider

 Simulation: Chad: The Toyota Wars Richard Davis

S&T #145

 Applied Wargaming Matthew Caffrey

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Naval Weaponry In the 90's Dan Verssen

 Simulation: Trajan Joseph Miranda

 Trajan Joseph Miranda

S&T #146

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Profile:  Frontinus and Stratagems Joseph Miranda

 Sicily John Schettler

 Simulation: Sicily John Schettler

 The Science of War-

 Early Roman Empire Joseph Miranda

S&T #147

 Afghanistan Joseph Miranda

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Political Warfare Corps Joseph Miranda

 Simulation: Holy War Afghanistan Joseph Miranda

 The American Civil War Steven Fratt

 Third World Fire Extinguisher Geoffrey Bohrer

S&T #148

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Profile:  Homer Lea Warren Robinson

 Remember Pearl Harbor Frank Weir

 Simulation: Cropredy Bridge Michael Grace

 Soviet Organization &

 Tactics in Afghanistan Joseph Miranda

 The Battle Of Cropredy Bridge Michael Grace

 Update: Eastern European Armies

S&T #149

 Consolidation of the Raj:

 India 1760-1818 Andrew Preziosi

 FYI A. A. Nofi

 Simulation: Franco-Prussian War Joseph Miranda

 The Franco-Prussian War Joseph Miranda

S&T #150

 Alexander the Great

 & Macedonian Army Richard Berthold

 If Looks Could Kill

 Simulation: Salerno John Schettler

 Tactical Notebook

 The Salerno Invasion John Schettler

 Weapons & Tactics:

 Franco-Prussian War Steven Fratt

S&T #151

 FYI Editors

 Raphia & The Military System of

 Alexander's Successors Anthony Howarth

 Simulation: Friedland Joseph Miranda

 Simulation: Vittoria Vance von Borries

 The Napoleonic Revolution In Battle Joseph Miranda

 American Civil War: Tactical Doctrine Steven Fratt

S&T #152

 FYI Editors

 Great Military Leaders  James Schneider

 Nazis vs. Czechs In 1938 John Desch

 Simulation: Czechoslovakia 1938 John Desch

 Tactical Notebook

 The Army & Alexander the Great Successors Richard Berthold

S&T #153

 FYI Editors

 Intelligence Oper. During Napoleonic Wars Richard Filippi

 Profile: Hector Bywater & the Pacific War Stefan Patejak

 Simulation: Operation Felix Christopher Cummins

 Operation Felix Christopher Cummins

 Simulation: Zama Larry Baggett

 To See Her Redcoats Marching from the Hill Donald Mack

 Zama: Triumph of the Roman Way of War Anthony Howarth

S&T #154

 Gold & Iron Thomas Kane

 Profile: China's Master Strategist Sun Tzu Thomas Kane

 Simulation: Russo-Turkish War Joseph Miranda

 The Russo-Turkish War Joseph Miranda

S&T #155

 Anzio John Schettler

 FYI Editors

 Profile: Elihu Root Joseph Miranda

 Simulation: Anzio John Schettler

 The Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960 John Burtt

S&T #156

 Applied Wargaming Gregory Elder

 FYI Editors

 Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign George Nafziger

 Profile: Red Prometheus: M.V. Frunze

 & Total War James Schneider,Ph.D

 The Consequences of Napoleons Empire David Nicholas

 Simulation: White Eagle Eastward Thomas Kane

 White Eagle Eastward: Russo-Polish War Thomas Kane

S&T #157

 Profile: Von Moltke the Elder &

 the Redefinition of Warfare David Tschanz

 Simulation: Roman Civil War Joseph Miranda

 Tactical Notebook

 The Japanese Armored Assault On Malaya Sterling Hart

 The Reforms Of Gaius Marius Mark Van Groll

 The Roman Civil Wars Joseph Miranda

S&T #158

 Desert Sheild & Desert Storm T.W. Gideon

 Leonardo Da Vinci & the Renaissance Military Jim Bloom

 Operation Leopard Perry Moore

 Red Sun/Red Star: The Nomonhan

 Campaign In Manchuria John Burtt

 Simulation: Red Sun/Red Star Mark Stille

S&T #159

 Simulation: Zeppelin William Koff

 Sword of Lead James Werbaneth

 Tactical Notebook

 Tactics of the Roman Civil War Joseph Miranda

 Zeppelin: The First Battle Over Britian Eric & Jane Lawson

S&T #160

 Ayatollah Khomeini: Man Behind

 Revolution in Iran Joseph Miranda

 Medwar John Schettler

 Simulation: Medwar John Schettler

 Tactical Notebook

 Update: The Italian Campaign Series Keith Schlesinger

 S&T #161

 J.F.C. Fuller: The Idea Man John Burtt

 Napoleon's First Battles: Italy & Egypt Joseph Miranda

 Simulation: Successors Gary & Neil Graber

 Successors: The War For Alexander's Empire Brian Booker

 Tactical Notebook

 The B-29 & the Rise of American

 Strategic Airpower Timothy Kutta

S&T #162

 Decision At Clontarf Adrian McGrath

 Saipan John Burtt

 Simulation: Clontarf Adrian McGrath

 Simulation: Saipan Erich Faust & C. Cummins

 South Africa-The Zulu War Of 1879 Maj. Donald Mack

S&T #163

 Sebastien Vauban Kevin Carson

 Simulation: Seven Years War Joseph Miranda

 The Seven Years War in Europe Joseph Miranda

 Weapons of the American Civil War... Stephen Fratt

S&T #164

 Balkan Wars Richard Lechowich

 James Burnham & The Third World War Joseph Miranda

 Simulation: Balkan Wars Joseph Miranda

 Tactical Notebook

 The Command Decision Perry Moore

S&T #165

 Book Review M. Caffrey & J. Dunnigan

 Caeser in Gallia Joseph Miranda

 Red Sun Rising: Early Japan T. Kane

 Simulation: Caeser In Gallia Joseph Miranda

 Chosin: The Retreat from the Yalu, 1950 William Wilson

S&T #166

 Profile: Robert E. Lee David Tschanz

 Simulation: Olustee Charles Diamond

 Simulation: Savage Station Rob Markham

 The Seven Days Battles John Burtt

 The Terror War: Urban Guerrillas Brian Train

S&T #167

 Simulation: Austro-Prussian War, 1866 Joseph Miranda


 No Buttons, No Brains, Prussia 1866 Mike Bennighof

 Struggle for the Heartland: Geopolitics Warren Robinson

 Through the Fulda Gap Fred Christiansen

S&T #168

 Coral Sea in Retrospect Frank Weir, Jr.

 FYI Editors

 Mitla Pass-1956 Thomas Kane

 Operation Shock Troop Perry Moore

 Organized Chaos-Israeli Defenses John Burtt

 Simulation: Operation Shock Troop Perry Moore

 The American Revolutionary Propaganda War Lester Mueller

S&T #169

 Airpower in the Stalingrad Campaign, I Sterling Hart

 America's First Foreign War Timothy Kutta

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Atlanta Campaign I

 Peachtree Creek & Jonesboro Rob Markham

 Storm Over Georgia, Part I Wilbur Gray

S&T #170

 Storm Over Georgia, Part II Wilbur Gray

 FYI Editors

 Airpower in the Stalingrad Campaign, II Sterling Hart

 Simulation: Atlanta Campaign II

 Ezra Church & Bald Hill Rob Markham

 Warfare in Medieval Japan T. Kane

 Folorn Hope: Americans in Somalia R. Lechowich

S&T #171

 FYI Editors

 Machiavelli David Tschanz

 Road to Moscow, 1700-1721 Wilbur Gray

 Simulation: On To Moscow! Joseph Miranda

 Somalia Bryan Booker

S&T #172

 Eagle Resurgent, Napoloen in 1815 Bryan Booker

 FYI Editors

 Simulation: Molotov's War John Desch

 Russo-Finnish War, 1939-40 John Desch

 First Nuclear Arms Race J. Temple

 The Dong Xuan Campaign, 1965 T. Kutta

S&T #173

 Battle in Ia Drang Timothy Kutta

 Battles of the American Revolution Part I Joseph Miranda


 Simulation: Thirty Years War Joseph Miranda

 The Thirty Years War Joseph Miranda

 Warfare In Motion Perry Moore

S&T #174

 Battles of the American Revolution Part II Joseph Miranda

 Eastern Update: Russia in the 90s Gregg Stanley


 Simulation: Indo-Pakistani Wars Joseph Miranda

 Indo-Pakistani Wars Joseph Miranda

 Giulio Douhet, Prophet of Strategic Airpower Ian Horwood

S&T #175

 The Prussian Army at Auerstadt Anthony Howarth

 Fighting Light (1806 Edition) Lt. Col. Wilbur Gray


 Simulation: Germania Joseph Miranda

 Germania's Roman Campaigns, 1st Century Joseph Miranda

 Operation Iron Hammer Richard Muller

 Operation Pegasus Perry Moore

 Reform or Modernization? Raymond Bell Jr.

 The Moguls Brian Booker




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